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5 Reasons to Start Using Swiss Arabian Perfume Oils

5 Reasons to Start Using Swiss Arabian Perfume Oils

Apply perfume oil the right way and make your scent last longer
5 Reasons to Start Using Swiss Arabian Perfume Oils
There is something magical about entering a room with a beautiful scent that announces your arrival and makes heads turn. An eau de parfum isn’t the only way to get your fragrance fix, especially if you’re looking to make your scent last even longer – Swiss Arabian perfume oils are another great option.
The popularity of perfume oils (or attars) is higher than ever, and with good reason. Not only do these little bottles of goodness smell heavenly, but they also do more than just sit and look pretty – both on your dresser and on your skin. Swiss Arabian perfume oils are highly concentrated and can last much longer because they do not contain any alcohol. They are so intense, that a tiny bottle can last for months!
Used correctly, you can enjoy the aroma all day. Scroll down to learn some easy hacks to keep your fragrance sweet smelling all day long:
Longer lasting perfume with oils
While many standard perfumes only contain a small amount of true fragrance diluted with alcohol, perfume oils are completely alcohol free, which makes them stick to your skin and linger longer.
Dab a few drops on your wrist, behind your ears, and all your other pulse points and gently tap it in. Remember – pulse points are the warmest points on your body so applying oils here will allow the fragrance to last longer and diffuse more. Let it sit for 5 minutes and enjoy the scent.
Make your own signature scent with fragrance layering
Some fragrances last all day, and others stay with you forever! One of the easiest hacks to create your own signature scent involves the fragrance layering technique which usually involves mixing perfume oils with eau de parfum sprays. For this, all you have to do is pick your preferred oil (Check out Swiss Arabian’s collection of concentrated perfume oils here
Swiss Arabian’s collection of concentrated perfume oils here) to dab on your skin followed by a spray of your favourite perfume. This intensifies the fragrance and improves longevity.
So, if you’re a lover of woody fragrances: combine our Oud Malaki oil with Oud 01 perfume, for a musky floral aroma try combining our Rose Malaki oil with Musk 01 perfume.
Perfume oils are not overpowering
If you enjoy perfume but don’t want your fragrance to diffuse around you or leave a heavy trail as you go about your day, Swiss Arabian’s wide range of concentrated perfume oils are a better choice. As an oil it won’t evaporate in the air in the same manner as alcohol-based sprays, instead it will remain close to your skin. This way only the ones close to you may notice your scent while you enjoy the aroma.
This makes your new fragrance an intimate option that you can select both for yourself and to wear for your next date night. It also means you can easily wear your fragrance in professions where heavy perfumes maybe discouraged.
Perfume oils are a sensory experience
Applying a perfume oil is a sensory experience. Due to the therapeutic value of perfume oils, they have the unique ability to warm or cool the body. One tip is to pick your favourite perfume oil among Oud, Musk, Rose or Mukhalat Malaki according to the season. It’s best to choose scents made from ingredients that lower body temperature like jasmine, rose, musk and sandalwood for the summer, and heavier, warmer ingredients like oud, spices or amber for the winter.
Perfume oils are part of the Middle Eastern culture
Using attar or alcohol-free aromatic oils are not only part of the daily morning routine, but an essential part of the Arab culture and tradition. Arabic brides wear perfume oils from head to toe – particularly musk-based oils as part of the wedding preparation as a symbol of purity.
If you’re looking to discover the best collection of perfume oils, discover Swiss Arabian’s concentrated perfume oils collection that are perfect to gift your loved ones or pamper yourself with.
At Swiss Arabian’s online store, you can find the best perfume oil from a wide range of premium concentrated perfume oils made from high-quality ingredients.
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